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, illinois. >> this week on "inside washington," romney wins in illinois and receives a much saw after endorsement from juppe bush. -- jeb bush. >> the astonishment, the money, versus the people. >> they want medicare to wither on the vine and died. >> if we operate our political fear, nothing is ever going to get done. >> the supreme court hears arguments on the obama health care law. >> it is the number one reason a barack obama should not be returned to office. >> the nfl comes down hard on bounty hunters. >> i don't know any other fraternity were somebody tries to knock out one of his brothers. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> is mitt romney finally closing the deal? he won a brick or we go on saturday and illinois -- won puerto rico on saturday and illinois. jeb bush clearly not in love with the guy, but he finally endorsed him. conservative that the senator jim demint said it is pretty clear who the nominee will be. what should of been a terrific week for mitt romney took zero weird turn. when asked how romney would proceed if he won the nomina
! >> in illinois this past tuesday, it was mitt romney's t handily, 47% to rick santorum's 35 gingrich's 8%. romney added 43 illinois delegates to his column, bringing his total count to 563. more than double santorum's 263 delegates. his nearly halfway to the magic 1144 needed to clinch the g.o.p. nomination. so is this primary marathon now a done deal? republican power players hope so. jeb bush, the former two-term florida governor and george w. bush's younger brother, endorsed governor romney on wednesday. "primary elections have been held in 34 dates and now is the time for republicans to unite behind governor romney and take our message of fiscal conservativism and job creation to all voters this fall." question, does jeb bush's endorsement of romney seal the deal for romney? pat? >> i think jeb bush is late to the party and the tea party in effect stacking arms and moving towards the romney camp. john, romney has gotten more than 50%, he's gotten 55, 50% of all the delegates he's headed straight to the nomination. and when you look at the way the democrats talk about a man of steel in ohio, a
by enough, but we won by enough. that is what counts. >> mitt romney it squeaks by in michigan. >> if you want to talk about someone who has led on every moral issue -- >> rick santorum, culture warrior. >> coming up, super tuesday. >> these are the most perilous times facing our country. >> olympia snow, that up and going back to maine. >> one of the most active 40 chapters in american military history -- one of the most extraordinary chapters in american military history. >> mitt romney was born in michigan, grew up in michigan. his father was the governor of michigan. in 2008, he beat john mccain by nine percentage points in michigan. this week, he almost lost the michigan primary to rick santorum. why? >> i am not willing to light my hair on fire to get support. >> he is who he is. why did that work against him? >> there are a lot of republicans who do not think romney is one of him -- them. they do not see him as the standard bearer for the conservative party. you see it as he almost lost michigan. he sees it as winning by enough. in a certain sense, i have to say he is correct. it d
on "inside washington," romney wins more than he loses on super tuesday. >> if the governor thinks he is ordained by god it to win, let's have it out. >> iran and talk of war. >> those who are beating the drums of war should explain clearly to the american people what the costs and benefits would be. >> a visit by the israeli prime minister. >> we are together. >> the energy debate. >> the president of the united states is lobbying against american jobs. >> newt versus rick -- who will blink first? >> i am the tortoise. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> it was not an act out, but romney did ohio, massachusetts, virginia, and it looks unlikely that santorum or gingrich or ron paul can come up with enough delegates to take it away from him. but according to the latest "wall street journal"/nbc news poll, the candidates have taken a beating in this campaign. romney -- peter hart says that the voters just don't know who the guy is or what his values are. >> i want to know what you want to be remembered for. >> around my home, i want to be known as a very
media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable it just collapsed. >> if i am a weak front runner, what does that make newt gingrich? >> if you give it these guys the keys to the white house, they will bankrupt the middle-class again. >> is there really a war on women? >> we women have a serious problem with the republican party. >> the massacre in afghanistan. and the new hbo movie "game change." >> i never want to deal with that woman again. >> how true enough to live? >> true enough to make me squirm. >> do you know what the fed is? captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> on super tuesday it, mitt romney inched by rick santorum in ohio, a must-win state in the general election. why oh why did he ever leave ohio? ricmitt romney did windy awlaki : this is an american -- win the awlaki : this is an american samoa. >> in both states, conservative candidates th about 50% of the vote, and if you are the front runner and you keep coming in third, you are not much of a front runner. >> by the way, last night i got more delegates than any
. the president blasted mitt romney and rick santorum and newt gingrich for distorting his strategy and for warmongering. >> one thing we have not done is we haven't launched a war. if some of these folks think that it's time to launch a war, they should say so. and they should explain to the american people exactly why they would do that and what the consequences would be. >> the president sees a window of opportunity and rejects beating the drums of war. >> what i've said is that we have a window true which we can resolve this issue peacefully. we have put forward an international framework that is applying unprecedented pressure. the iranians just stated they're willing to return to the negotiating table, and we have the opwe maintain that pressure to see how it plays out. >> question, what is the major issue of the presidential election now? is it war or the economy? james. >> i still think it's the economy. if we should have a war, that will knock the economy off the front page and put us into a recession. but if we have negotiations, and this will become an extend and pretend
>> welcome to the journal. coming up, mitt romney comes closer to the republican nomination, but he fails to strike a decisive blow. >> hundreds more are at evacuated as flood waters, affects communities in southeastern australia. >> does he deserve it -- germany questions honors for a former disgraced president. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- cracks in the republican race for the presidential nomination, -- >> in the republican race for the presidential nomination, mitt romney has edged out rick santorum. >> mitt romney claimed victory in six states including ohio. even though it was not a knockout blow he was hoping for, he has extended his lead in the primary race. >> this was billed as a decisive night in the republican primaries. the series of victories would have established mitt romney as the republican front-runner once and for all, but for all their enthusiasm, his supporters could only support a partial when. the former governor and business man took six out of 10 states, one of them, ohio, by a whisker. >> your support means everything t
is this will collapse after we leave, but it will be in obama's next term or romney or santorum's first term, and the real disaster i think comes in in that once the islamic extremists take over kabul, they'll begin to move i think to take over pakistan and aid resistance there. when pakistan falls, if it's got nuclear weapons, you've really got problems. >> that's a lot of if's, and they're all pretty gloomy. but i don't think you necessarily have to spin it forward into that entirely negative outlook. >> quite a -- >> right, exactly. now we've got the taliban taking over pakistan and using nuclear weapons, and pat has that done in 35 seconds. pretty good! i think cameron sure sounded committed to the mission, and i think these two leaders went out of their way to reinforce each other's leadership. they feel the weight of history going back to fdr and churchill and reagan even bush and blare. but what the british have gone true some tough moments with afghanistan as well. they had the single biggest loss of life six -- british soldiers died just 10 days or so ago. and the british public, th
's tuesday win makes him the most recent ndidate with momentum. the the big the mo. question, how an romney's michigan vior very significant. he was facing seeing his brenn there would have been cry for otr candidate, fund-raising may have dried up. he could lllo ohio in that circumstance. so now we're looking at a ra i think where you're trngto keep romney below the number of 1144 and it'shard to do that. certainly -- >>upsd is tuday and these are the 10 states holding pry mary's -- alkageorgi gingrich's home state, idaho, sshu noh kota, ohio, oklahoma, tennessee, vermont, virginia. going to -- take - --omney >> i think romney will dominate sur esy. he will not probably carry ora, which is beginning rich's home state. nggiri ithe he divides the opposition against romney so i think romney will come o this day as the clear republican candidate. >>ouage? >>the big prize is ohio. no republican has wothe presidency without carryi io noton e prar but in the fall. and that's everybody will focus io, whether santorum can catch romney in ohio. then gingrich has yet to wi hihome state of georgia.
's president and vice president ticket. let's assume that the president is mitt romney or rick santorum. who else will be the best running mate for either? governor nikki haley. she is an indian. traction. her parents are u.s. entrepreneurs. and chris christie, the new jersey governor that endorsed romney a very popular republican in a democratic state. and daniel's rebuttal it be deemed clear, very persuasive and station man like. and other candidates, south dakota's senator, new hampshire's senator, and virginia governor bob mcdonald, and new mexico governor martinez. >> let's assume that the presidential primaries are protracted and they are decisive. what imperative does that impose on a presidential nominee when selecting a running mate? you understand the question? >> i do. >> do you want to answer the question? >> want to unite the property. and if you're mitt romney, there's not much enthusiasm for you, so you want to excite the party. who you foreclose do that is another question entirely. romney and the delegates that he needs are held by rick santorum, then we'll have a romney and
runner mitt romney won both of last night's primaries in michigan and arizona, holding up a strong challenge from his right-wing rival rick santorum. >> romney scored a big victory in arizona, but his home state of michigan was seen as the critical test. and there, he only scraped away. >> with 10 more states voting next week and a super tuesday, romney still has much work to do try to persuade republicans that he is the man to win the white house in november. >> mitt romney's victory in michigan was close right up to the end. now he is trying to reestablish himself as the party's presumptive nominee by attacking president barack obama. >> did you fix the economy? no. did he tackle the housing crisis? did he get america back to work? no, instead he put us on a path toward debt and deficits and a decline. it is time to get off that path and get back on the path of american prosperity. >> romney was born in michigan and played up his roots in the state. but his opposition to the bailout of the auto industry caused him problems. he also faced the perception that he is an out of touch
primaries in both alabama and mississippi. >> the overall front runner, mitt romney, came third in both of those contests. santorum camp and on social issues including abortion and birth control. just behind him in both states was newt gingrich. both of those men argued that they and not mitt romney are the true conservatives in the race, but mitt romney still holds the all important lead in delegates, which is the key to actually securing the nomination. and british prime minister david cameron has been holding talks with u.s. president barack obama at the white house. >> the agenda included strengthening bilateral trade ties and cooperation in dealing with the current challenges posed by iran, syria, and afghanistan. after their meeting, obama said bonds between the nations had never been stronger. chairman also said both countries would work to keep pressure on iran to give up its suspected nuclear arms program and that all options were still on the table. >> for more on both those stories, max joins us from our washington bureau. first of all, david cameron -- we see him -- he is ac
. it is threatening the campaign strategy of the republican front runner, mitt romney. he emphasizes his business credentials in speeches. >> my goal, if i become president, is straight forward -- more jobs. for the people of ohio and of america. >> can romney still build an enthusiastic following with this message? most americans believe the worst is over. republicans begged to differ. >> we have almost gotten used to this stagnation. we should not be. our country can do better. of course we think republican can do better in that role. >> workers here say they are less interested in the voting outcome. these people do not expect much help regardless of who is in washington. >> more on super tuesday later in "the journal peak of the debt crisis in europe has hit the german central bank. the newspaper report says bundesbank has fallen to levels under 1 billion euro. sources say the bank had put aside bond -- funding to cover risks. let's check in with our correspondent at the german stock exchange. what is disinformation -- what does this information say? >> if you look at all of these rescue prog
strong support as a southerner from nearby georgia. overall front runner mitt romney can also expect to do well, while ultraconservative rick santorum is popular among evangelical christians. >> for more on today's primaries, we are joined by our washington correspondent. any chance of a break out win for mitt romney today? and then maybe not a break away when, but may be a surprise win. remember, we are talking about the deep south. that is a conservative stronghold, something where rick santorum, newt gingrich, the two conservative contenders, would naturally do well, but not a guy from the northeast like mitt romney. if he wins one of those states, that would solidify his position as the front runner. rick santorum wants nuking which out of the race. he wants to be the only real conservative in the race, as he says. in order for that maybe to happen, he needs to be better in both states -- mississippi and alabama -- then did gingrich. >> most representatives say this is good news for obama, but his ratings are dropping. >> yes, but that is different reasons. people say it is becau
will be the biggest single day of voting in this roller-coaster primary race. >> for the front runner mitt romney and his main rival rick santorum, ohio is an important battleground state. among some voters there, social values play more important role that economic concerns. >> the republican primary is a hot topic here in this church in ohio. at the pulpit today is pastor moore. for him, rick santorum is the man to lead america. >> i believe that mr. santorum reflects the values that the bible says if you will live your life this way according to the 10 commandments, i will bless that nation. >> churchgoers here have a lot of time for rick santorum. the back is total opposition to abortion and gay marriage. litmus test issues for many social conservatives. cindy is actively supporting santorum's campaign. she says he is more likely to stick with his principles than the front runner mitt romney. >> the direction our country goes well affect what kind of country my children live in. and i think that rick santorum will take our country into a direction where it it is a better society, a better cul
for you. >> but first, here is a look at some other stories making news around the world. mitt romney has won the republican primary in illinois with nearly all the ballots counted. he has won 47% of the votes compared with 35% for rick santorum. the result takes romney a step closer to securing the republican nomination for the presidential election in november. >> on the second day of the state visit to berlin, israel's defense minister visited the holocaust memorial at the capitol's train station. between 1941 and 1943, not seize sent 50,000 jewish berliners to their deaths. track 17 is now a memorial. >> passengers traveling through frankfurt airport can breathe a sigh of relief. the long-running pay dispute between the airport operator and ground staff is over. the two sides said they reached a deal to hammer out the details of a new work contract. more than 1700 flights were canceled in recent weeks due to the strike action. >> some german soccer now. first bid for the german cup final ended in a very heartbreaking fashion last night. >> that is right. having battled it out with the
on national security and foreign policy to mitt romney. >> let me make this very clear, as president of the united states, i will devote myself to an american century and i will never, ever apologize for america. >> oh, yes, back in the late nineties, six years after the first gulf war and four years before 9/11, robert kagan and fellow neo-conservative bill kristol founded the project for the new american century and signed a letter to then-president bill clinton urging him to get rid of saddam hussein once and for all by any means necessary. in 2002, kagan and kristol wrote, "a devastating knockout blow against saddam hussein, followed by an american-sponsored effort to rebuild iraq and put it on a path toward democratic governance, would have a seismic impact on the arab world -- for the better." hindsight is 20/20, as the saying goes, and nine years later we look back and see with perfect clarity how well jimmy stewart's america delivered in iraq. talk about wishful thinking. so next time president obama's looking for a book to read, better he pick up a copy of "the short america
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